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Enchanted Garden

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organic rustic classic elegant plants leaves wedding stationery invites invitation tags stylish simple                   Led by Natalie Myra Photography, a team of local suppliers (including myself) recently joined forces on a beautiful wedding shoot set in the lush surroundings of The Japanese Garden in Cornwall.

Nature and the abundance of fresh spring blooms and greenery proved a clear inspiration for the team and these organic forms can be seen throughout my own stationery as well as the other chosen pieces. Earth tones of greens and browns mixed with bright reds & oranges were used as the colour pallet for the chosen garden scenes; my particular favourite shot is the capture on the bridge where the Koi fish swimming beneath just happened to match the colour scheme perfectly!

All suppliers are credited at the bottom of the gallery and it was a pleasure to be part of such a talented team.

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Photographer – Natalie Myra Photography, Models – Jennifer Faulks & Richard Avery, Dress – Claire Pettibone supplied by The Bridal House of Truro, Suit – Moss Bros Truro, Make-up – Beauty Boutique, Hair – Snippets, Jewellery – Tegen Jewellery, Headwear – Holly Young Headwear, Flowers – Rosewood Florist, Stationery – Laura Likes, Cake – Caroline Cakes, Location – The Japanese Garden of Cornwall


A charming French wedding

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lavender topperWhen first approached by Sandie and Vince to be involved in the creation of their stationery I was thrilled, not only because the wedding itself sounded utterly delightful – set in a sleepy French village on the Northern tip of Dordogne, but also because the design they had in mind was inspired by the lavender of the neighbouring Provence area. This offered the perfect opportunity for me to update my ‘Lavender Love’ range whilst providing them with a design that was totally built around their requirements.

lavender wedding invitation invite rsvp purple yellow violet bunting classic crisp flower stem watercolour cornwall uk

Lavender Love invitation pack printed on to white hammer texture board

It began with Save the Date postcards, each strung with handmade paper bunting featuring their initials, and finished with a magnet on the back for guests to attach to their fridges’ and admire for the months to come!

lavender wedding invitation invite rsvp purple yellow violet bunting classic crisp flower stem watercolour cornwall uk

Lavender Love invitation pack printed on to white hammer texture board.

When the time came for the invitations, we decided to introduce a new and more ‘romantic’ looking font and Sandie decided she would like a square format. For a classic look the invitation was devised to be an opening card with matching satin ribbon strung along the spine. As is the case with weddings abroad there was a lot of information to include covering travel and accomodation. Thus we chose a double sided paper insert with a lavender watercolour wash, this was trimmed to square so that when folded it fitted neatly inside the invitation. In addition each invite included a double-sided RSVP postcard which featured the same yellow and lavender bunting as the Save the Date, bringing the whole package nicely together.

lavender moodboardWith it’s delicate colour, beautiful scent and being native to the UK too – Lavender continues to inspire many a wedding theme. Links to all the images above can be found on my Lovely Lavender Wedding board here on Pinterest.

Woodland Wedding

Happily ever afterThis summer I worked on the stationery for a beautiful woodland themed wedding, just down the road in one of my favourite parts of Cornwall – The Roseland Peninsula.

The bride and groom chose my Tweetheart range, featuring songbirds and tree branches, to compliment the rustic, woodland theme they had in mind.
I am thrilled with how well the natural manilla board and illustrative graphics work with the woodland styling. I have just recieved these gorgeous pictures from their big day and thought I’d pop them up online:

woodland wedding rustic birds trees recycledIt is worth noting that Save the Dates and Invitation packs are also available in the Tweetheart style:

Birds wedding invitation rustic woodland fairytale whimsical wedding

Tweetheart wedding invitation on recycled board (manilla) and hammered board (cream)

I love the idea of a woodland wedding… wild native flowers, rustic decorations, a bohemian lace-clad bride. Dappled shade in the day followed by fairy lights hanging from the trees at night. The woodland setting definitely promises a magical atmostphere for a fairy tale wedding…

I have just created a Pinterest board of Woodland Wedding ideas and here is a taster moodboard:

woodland wedding ideas rustic mood board

All images found on Pinterest

Real Wedding – Ath & Liz

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vintage wedding inspiration travel keys lock stationeryWithout a doubt the best thing about my job is working on bespoke projects and being able to make a reality of the fabulous ideas that customers come to me with. When I was approached by Ath and Liz last year I was amazed, not only, by the amount of thought that had gone into the aesthetic details they wanted for their big day but also how these details reflected the nuances of their lives together.1-284Ath had proposed with a love lock on holiday and they wanted the wedding invitations to incorporate this theme with a bit of a vintage twist; the invitation postcard featured a padlock design with a scratch panel which, once scratched, revealed the date of the wedding. hand drawn map scratch panel card wedding invitation new penny vintage recycledBound together with twine each package included an information card with a hand drawn map, an RSVP postcard featuring a sepia photo of Great Malvern Priory where they were to be married and a tiny velum envelope containing a new penny with which to scratch and reveal the wedding date. All elements were enclosed within a rustic looking recycled envelope with a pretty floral envelope liner. The end result was really quite special :)

The concept of vintage locks and keys was carried through to the table plan at the reception with each guest finding their name hanging with a key in a beautiful old leather suitcase. vintage suitcase table plan wedding keys postcards tags pegsTheir tables were named after places of importance to them both and I created old-fashioned-looking postcards for each table on the back of which Ath and Liz explained why that location was so special to them. Such an idea is a lovely personal touch and sure to get conversation round the table started too.vintage wedding locks keys tea cups pegs suitcase table plan place cardsAth had found a brilliant old toy red London bus to accessorise the cake table and commissioned me to design some bespoke stickers to turn it into their own local bus – the No. 94!cake collage 11-224I provided the Order of Service, all other signage, present tags and the artwork for a giant Polaroid frame which hung from a tree and created a fabulous photo booth. vintage wedding order of service signs recycled polaroid photo boothAth and Liz had a clear vision for the styling of their wedding and no detail was forgotten or compromised on. It was a joy to work with them on their wedding stationery and I’d like to thank them for letting me use their beautiful photos!

Laura xphoto booth polaroid giant wedding

Inspiration for a Winter Wedding

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Spring has kind of sprung here in Cornwall in the last couple of days and so it may seem a strange blog post for this time of year but when a customer contacted me for some winter themed cupcake flags last week I felt compelled to create a mood board of all things bridal and well…brrrrrr! So for all of you planning weddings for later in the year, here are some pretty pictures which I hope will get your creative juices flowing…

ImageDetails and links can all be found on my Winter Wedding board here on Pinterest


It’s all in the detail…


It is all the small touches that make each wedding so unique and your wedding stationery can certainly set the mood for your wedding day. Whether you choose to send out Save the Dates or go straight in with Invitations – these will make the first impressions on your guests and so we like to offer you as many different ways to get your style and theme across. Now offering envelope liners to match any design, guest name tags and the choice to have all your pieces bound in twine, ribbon or lace we aim to create wedding stationery as personal and unique as you are.

We have also just started using scratch panels in our designs which add a really fun element to any Save the Date or Invitation, with the choice to include mini vellum envelopes with a shiny new penny allowing your guests to scratch and reveal your hidden names or wedding date!

Don’t hesitate to get in touch for any information on prices and how these elements can be worked in to your own stationery plans :)


Dolly Drop Wedding Blog

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The month of March also saw Laura Likes featured on the wedding blog Dolly Drop – run by ANOTHER very talented Laura! This fantastic site features links to all sorts of beautiful wedding accessories to buy as well as loads of inspiration for DIY projects to add that extra personal touch to your wedding day…

dolly drop collage

From homemade wedding favors and crafty decorative projects to advice on how to preserve your wedding bouquet after the big day look no further than Dolly Drop wedding site.


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